I. Preliminary Definitions and Terms

These terms and conditions of sale and delivery apply to any purchase of products from Dunamis Sportswear Limited, howsoever made.

II. Orders and Contracts

1. Ordering of the goods either listed on the website (https://dunamis-sports.com ), of those which the purchaser may order according to his or her own creative ideas and individual requirements, or those that are created by any other method are placed at Dunamis Sportswear by means of the ordering forms supplied by the company. The website constitutes one version of the order form.  The purchaser may contact Dunamis Sportswear for purposes of a non-obligation inquiry concerning goods via e-mail or telephone. When making a binding order the customer will always be redirected to use the ordering form.

2. The purchaser must specify his or her requirements completely and precisely in the ordering form including details about the number of ordered items, their sizes, names, numbers etc. Dunamis Sportwear are not responsible for issues arising from incorrectly supplied information.  Where a graphic design of the product constitutes part of the order, all such designs shall be presented to Dunamis Sportswear in an acceptable graphics format. Designs remain the property of Dunamis Sportswear and the club concerned in the supply of such images, which may be the subject of communications between the company and the club until such time as both parties are in agreement as to the final design prior to production (also refer to Paragraph 5).

3. Dunamis Sportswear reserves the right to place its logo on every single garment of its production.  It is possible to agree on different arrangements for a fee which shall be specified in advance.

4. Dunamis Sportswear is not responsible for the quality or usage of any logos delivered by the purchaser and it is not responsible for the usage and placement of the logos outside that agreed by the final form of the graphic product agreed with the purchaser. Any usage rights to the logos must be resolved and set strictly by the purchaser, not the company. Dunamis Sportswear will accept no liability for copyright infringement arising from a purchaser’s misuse of any logo, trademark, copyright image or other design. 

5. The final version of the graphic form of the product is the one which is authorised (approved of) by the purchaser. By this authorisation the order becomes binding. Any further changes proposed by the purchaser need to be approved by Dunamis Sportswear. If the purchaser requires any changes after the initiation of the production of the order, the purchaser becomes responsible for covering any expenses which arise from this situation. The purchaser will be notified of these expenses by Dunamis Sportswear.

6. A contract, regarding the production and delivery of the listed goods, is concluded between the company and the purchaser at the moment when the company confirms the order to the purchaser and the purchaser agrees with the proposed contract. Specific contracts may be negotiated between purchasers and Dunamis Sportswear on request.

III. Delivery of the goods

It is possible to receive the ordered goods in the following ways:

•    Collecting in person at Dunamis Sportswear premises (address supplied on request)

•    Shipping company – either arranged at Dunamis Sportswear discretion or the specific request of the purchaser.

IV. Payment conditions

It is possible to carry out your payment in the following ways:

•    In cash (only when collecting in person, no cheques will be accepted)

•    BACS Payment / Bank Transfer – an invoice will be issued and the goods will be shipped after payment is credited to our account

•    Invoice – only in case of long-term verified cooperation, signed contracts and credit check.

Any shipping prices quoted will correspond to the current price lists of the delivery companies.

V. Delivery conditions

1.    The goods are delivered within an agreed timeframe (usually 3-4 weeks for bespoke items) unless agreed otherwise.

2.    Dunamis Sportswear reserves the right to extend the delivery time in special cases originating from issues outside their control or in situations when it is impossible to deliver the goods in the estimated time period because of objective reasons. In such a case the purchaser will be notified of the change at the earliest opportunity.

4.   Dunamis Sportswear reserves the right to decline any order at any time on the supply of a written reason as to why the order cannot be fulfilled.

5.    If Dunamis Sportswear does not manage to deliver the goods to the destination stated in the order by the purchaser, or if the purchaser does not take delivery of the goods at the stated place, it is the purchaser´s duty to cover any expenses incurred by the delivery to the purchaser-required place stated in the order and back to Dunamis Sportswear .

6.    The property right to the goods and the risk of damage to the goods passes to the purchaser at the moment of taking the delivery of the goods from the company or from the delivery company.

VI. Company Guarantee, Faults, Warranty, Return of Goods

1. The purchaser is obliged to properly take the delivery of the ordered goods from the delivery company (or upon pick-up in case of collection directly from Dunamis Sportswear), to check that the packaging is undamaged and to confirm to the delivery company (or Dunamis Sportswear) the number of items/packages received and affirm accepting the goods.

Any deficiencies in supply or faults with goods must be reported to the company at the following address immediately:

Dunamis Sportswear
Unit 1A Toll Gate Estate
SO51 0HE

Or via e-mail: sales@dunamis-sports.com

2. It is the purchaser´s right to exchange the goods within 14 days of purchase in the case that at delivery the goods do not feature the qualities usual to the ordered kind of goods. The warranty and potential defect claims are subject to the corresponding legal regulations applicable under the consumer laws of England.

To claim warranty it is necessary to present the claimed product and the sales receipt. Only obvious defects of the goods can be acknowledged as sensory faults and these must be claimed by the purchaser at the company no later of three days from the goods´ delivery and only if the goods are presented to Dunamis Sportswear (photographic evidence of this is acceptable in the first instance). For the purposes of these terms any other defects are seen as faults which occur after the delivery and acceptance of the goods. The company is not responsible for these faults. 

3. After the delivery the company is not responsible for damages caused by the purchaser storing or using the goods in an unsuitable way. Unsuitable usage is also a common use of the goods which does not follow the company-provided instructions concerning the usage of the goods and their maintenance, which includes incorrect laundering procedures being utilised.

Procedure of claiming the warranty:

It is necessary to claim the warranty within the set period of time as described above.

The warranty claim must meet all the necessary requirements (description of the fault, a copy of the invoice and other documents).

The goods must be shipped by recorded delivery or courier back to Dunamis Sportwear. 

If the fault within the goods cannot be repaired  Dunamis Sportswear will produce a new order to replace the first order at its own expense.

Any refund will not be made until the company have been given the opportunity to correct any faults by producing a new order. A refund will consist the price of the order plus shipping costs being returned to the purchaser.

The warranty claim is usually dealt with in the shortest possible time after the goods return back to the principal place of the company, 30 days at the latest.

It is not possible to claim warranty when the goods are may sustain damage as a result of their ordinary use – i.e. playing kit for contact sport sustains a rip or tear after being utilised for such purpose, unless it is provable the fault lay in the material or stitching of the garment supplied.

VII. Final provisions

1. Dunamis Sportswear is authorised to adjust and change these terms and conditions according to its considerations. Dunamis Sportswear reserves the right of printer´s and other errors and the right to alter prices in case of distinct growth of inflation, changes to the underlying rate of VAT or major changes of supplier conditions of other producers and suppliers of the goods.

The decisive terms for the contract purposes are those published by the company at https://dunamis-sports.com at the date of making the order by the purchaser.

2. By creating an order the purchaser accepts without reservations all the regulations of the terms and conditions which are valid at the day when the order is made.