Dunamis Sports are a family-owned sportswear company based on the South Coast of England.  Founded in 2014, the company has grown from humble roots to becoming one of the most-recognised brands in UK ice sports and beyond.   Through strategic growth and acquisition, the company has built an ever-growing reputation for high-quality custom sports clothing and equipment to become a one-stop shop for all your sports, club or workwear needs.  Driven by an unwavering passion for creating the highest-quality products that meet not only the needs of modern athletes but also provide a complete, bespoke, club identity,  Dunamis have the power to help your club succeed both in and out of the arena.

With all ranges designed and manufactured in the UK, giving unparalleled control over quality and turnaround time, and personal service to every team who approach the company, Dunamis Sports are the single-source supplier your club has been waiting for.

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We're a high quality clothing & equipment company. We specialize in custom sports clothing & equipment. Printing or embroidery, our design or yours.