Full name:

Chad Jayson Bowes


October 19, 1992

Current age:


Major teams:

Canterbury, KwaZulu-Natal, KwaZulu-Natal Under-19s,South Africa Under-19s

Batting style:

Right hand bat

Bowling style:

Right-arm medium

Chad Bowes Testimonial

“I am currently into my second season of playing with the Dunamis range of cricket equipment. At this point I couldn’t be happier with the partnership. I was previously sponsored by one of the biggest and popular brands in the world. There was nothing that I disliked about them or their products. However I was after more. More value that could come from a relationship outside of cricket equipment. I wanted to be involved with a company that could add value to me as a person. A company so invested in my life that my cricket career was just a cog in the wheel. A partnership that transcends the boundaries of business. A reciprocal relationship that benefits both parties. One that could add value to me as the player and one that could add value to the brand as a company. I found this at Dunamis.

At an elite level of professional sport, it’s the small details that make the most difference. Sure, the quality of equipment has to be good. That’s a non-negotiable. This is obviously the case at Dunamis. The bats that I use are some of the best I have wielded in my career. One wouldn’t be able to differentiate between the quality of gear that I currently use, as apposed to the gear I used for 7 years with my previous sponsor.

For me though, I could no longer remain just a name on a list of players using the same gear, being treated with the same general courtesies. I need more in order to perform at the top level. And so I found the owner of Dunamis and immediately knew that this was what I needed. I wanted to surround myself with people who believed in me and would support me through thick and thin. I did not care about society’s views or rules as to what a professional sportsman should or shouldn’t do. I believed that this relationship would flourish and be beneficial for me not just as a cricketer but as a person. For as I have learned over the years, there is more to life than winning cricket games.

Along with my Agent Paddy Steytler, of Futura Sports Agency, Alex Styles of Dunamis Sports has been a constant support over the last season and a half. I have never known a sponsor to treat his player with such care and commitment. As I said earlier, the margins are so small at top level sport that this kind of treatment and backing can mean the difference between realising one’s full potential or not. For me, having all of the off field details taken care of, means that I can focus purely on my job at hand on the cricket field. If I ever need something I know that it ill be at my door the next day. This way of running a business is not common and I believe that it will set Dunamis apart from the crowd. The values and principles that the company stand for is common with mine. I feel valued as a cricketer and as a human being. This translates into being free to do what you were born to do.

I have no doubt that as time goes by, Dunamis with become a household name and be amongst the best brands in world sport. I could go into detail of how the equipment feels etc, but to me the value added outside of the equipment means more. The quality is there. The structures are all in place. I’m all in. And I’m excited about the journey ahead. It has been a great start and it’s only going to get better.”